Why Do Lawyers Hire Tracing Agents?

Solicitors face different types of problems when trying to solve their legal cases. They have to arrange expert witnesses, procure hard to find documents, contact different people, and more. A lawyer may take help of a tracing agent to trace a person who cannot be found. The missing person may be someone who is crucial to solve the case, bolster the argument, prove a point, or confirm some details. It can be difficult to find a missing person through usual means. The lawyer simply may not have someone who can even visit different places where that person can be likely found. That is where tracing professionals come to the rescue and prove their worth.

Extra information about tracing agent

The Job of a Tracing Professional

The person is a professional investigator whose task is to trace individuals. The agent uses only legal methods for this purpose. The agents usually come from investigative agencies of government departments and private security companies. As the term suggests, the job of this agent is to trace a person who cannot be found. Sometimes basic information about that person may be available but that information may not be sufficient to find that person. The individual may not be returning calls and messages. The agent in these situations uses other tracing methods to trace the missing person.

Why Do Lawyers Need the Services of This Agent?

Some cases become difficult to solve because the person whose statement is needed is missing. The missing persons cannot be found by usual means of searching their name through the Internet and other methods. Sometimes the contact details of the person are known but that person refuses to return the calls and messages. A person accused of an offence or crime may be trying to avoid being found. In some cases, individuals who appeared during the initial hearings of the case may disappear later to avoid getting arrested or penalised for their role in the crime. There are all such reasons for which lawyers hire tracing agents.

How do Tracing Agents Work?

The agent first collects the available information about the missing person from the lawyer. The professional may ask the lawyer some questions related to this matter. After learning about the whole issue, the agent determines the best course of action to find the missing person. The solution may be limited to simply visiting different locations where that person is likely to be found. It can also be a complex issue where there is not much footprint of the person in offline or online places. The agent devices a tracing plan based on all such available information. The goal of all these activities and planning is to find the missing person who may be avoiding detection deliberately or unknowingly.

Tracing agents are generally hired to track debtors who have failed to pay their loan on time and not answering the calls of their lenders. Lawyers also use the services of these agents when they are unable to find people related to their cases. The agents are professional investigators specialising in tracing individuals who have gone missing. They can find criminals, offenders, debtors, missing persons, witnesses, long lost relatives, individuals named in the will, and others. It becomes easier for the lawyers to solve their cases with this service. They can bolster their arguments in a legal case. They can present in the court important witnesses whose statements are critical to proving the arguments.